By 2022, location-targeted mobile advertising will top £38.7 billion. Much of this spend still treats all audiences in the same way, regardless of locations, context, device or channel.

Here at Locationify, we believe in a different approach. Our technology provides clients with real-time marketing for their local products & services fully customised to specific regions and locations. This enables us to personalise the buying or ordering experience around the different behaviours and motivations of their local communities. The result is a better brand experience for the customers and a better conversion rate for your business.

Understand How your business locations should be performing

We help companies understand how their locations affect the local demand they capture. Speak to us about a free network audit and how we can help your grow.

Understanding demand variation across your locations is critical to growing your business

We help companies improve their performance across multiple locations.

We target new customers when they are ready to buy from competitor stores, or other e-commerce websites. Locationify technology ensures you win the right customers at the best possible cost.