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Locationify provides end-to-end sales & marketing solutions for in-house and hybrid teams looking to maximize sales across multiple locations. From plug and play technology to highly customised solutions, we are #1 technology provider to Global 250.

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Our Services

Our services lay the foundations for digital network transformation from 1 to 100,000 locations. From single opportunities and growth audits to long-term planning, we ensure transformation.

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Our Technology

Our technology will simplify your sales & marketing ecosystem and streamline your customer acquisition and life cycle management across your network or physical & digital locations.

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Why choose us

Location Businesses

We started Locationify when one of the world’s largest brands asked our founders for a little help. Their team wanted to create an industry-first, fully customized, multi-location sales and marketing platform across 1,500 franchise locations. From that beginning in 2018, we are now trusted by leading global brands who manage over 150,000 locations and $1b+ in annual sales.

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Your Start-Up

Since we started in 2018 our clients  have helped 1000s of small businesses launch and scale. By better understanding the needs of potential customers we can reduce your acquisition costs, test sales & marketing approaches and scale your business in any market and at any location.

1) Growth Opportunity Audit
2) Investment Scenario Planning
3) Sales & Marketing Technology Audit

Boosting A Fast Growing Business

We work with Fast Growing Businesses to help them scale their new customer acquisition at the individual location and their fast growing location network. By understanding local intent at each location we can outperform competitors and boost sales.

1) Location Growth Audit
2) Network Health Audit
3) Competition By Location Audit

Optimizing A
National Company

We work with companies to help optimize their sales & marketing approach at every location they operate. From performance audits & third party technology integrations to boosting underperforming location or building a roadmap for futureproof growth, we will ensure you can maximize sales at every location.

1) Location Growth Opportunity
2) Network Health Audit
3) Sales & Technology Audit

Connecting Your Global Location Footprint

We work with a number of multi-billion International companies that use our services to maintain control and consistency across their sales & marketing technology. By working together to establish a market leading acquisition approach at every location we can provide fully localised services in multiple languages to maximize sales.

1) Sales & Marketing Technology Audit
2) Growth Performance Audit By Location
3) Multi-Market Network Health -Check


Leadership Team

Our leadership team come from the leading marketing, technology & sales technology businesses. We have leading expertise in every aspect of driving more revenue and increased efficiency from single and multi-location businesses. From POS & inventory integration to next generation marketing technology and customer acquisition strategies, we have scaled 100s of businesses.

Darren Goldie


Gustaf Jilken

VP, Sales

Martin Hill


Kam Obineche

VP, Customer Success

Hossein Houssaini

VP, Strategy

What Our Customers Say

"In a short amount of time, the impact on increased traffic and conversions at our store locations far exceeded our expectations. We have achieved 18% more sales at locations which have been 'Locationify-ed'"

Jay Ghish

VP Franchising, Retail
Samantha Goode
VP Transformation, Finance

"By simplifying our technology with the Locationify End-To-End Solution we achieved a 22% increase in location footfall in 3 months. "

“Locationify achieved in 12 months what we have spent 5 years trying to achieve. I highly recommend Locationify as excellent partners you can trust and grow your business!”

Nick Casey
VP  Digital, Healthcare
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Enterprise Technology

Our Location Enterprise Technology Platform enables customers from 5 to 50,000 locations maximize sales across their business network.



Limited Data Connectivity
Full 360 Data Integration
Fully 360
Customer Experience
Bespoke Experience
By Location
Limited Customization
Fully Customized to KPIs
Limited Online To Offline Tracking
Full Online To Offline Tracking
POS Integration
Full POS 
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Locationify has saved us thousands of hours with their modular technology. We’re able to spin up projects and features faster.

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Craig Menton
Head of Technology, Fortune 500

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